Saturday, January 5, 2013

What is GTD?

What's a GTD?
GTD is an acronym for “Get things done”. The way I often describe it to others is a “to do” system for people with short attention spans who are easily distracted. Like me.
I was introduced to GTD by friends of mine, Tim Jeffries and Phil McCredden. Both of them love me, and wanted to help me get more productive.
Enter GTD.
It’s basically a method or procedure developed by a fellow called David Allen and described in his book “Getting things done”.
Basically, GTD helps you get everything out of your head into various lists. You then “action” your lists based on a handy little concept called “the context”.
A context is a tool, person or thing that you need in order to complete the task or action.
So if I have a task “email Tim”, I need to be at either my phone, my tablet or my computer in order to complete the action.
So there I am, sitting on a chair with my tablet. I go to my list find the items tagged with the context @Tablet. Bingo bango shmango. A list of things I can do with my tablet in hand.
I will go into more detail about GTD in future posts, however I wanted to flag GTD with you so that when I start to describe Android GTD apps, you know what it is that I am talking about.

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