Monday, October 14, 2013

The Android GTD Dream

Those of you following this blog will know that I have been holding out for what I believe to be the best GTD solution on Android to date, which is Nirvana HQ. If you are observant, you will have realised that it is almost close to a year now that Nirvana's Android client has been in beta. This is a long time in internet terms.

Whilst waiting, I have been looking around for alternatives. It is hard to get a GTD client that is faithful to the GTD methodology and with the additional tweaks that work for me.

I manage a couple of teams, supervise/mentor several people, manage a significant amount of public communication for two organisations not to mention try to be a good husband and dad. It's hard to sit on my hands waiting for my system to catch up.

I have been keeping an eye on Zendone and for my purposes, Nirvana and Zendone are now neck and neck in the Android GTD Derby!

I have been waiting for the Nirvana Android client for the better part of a year and I have also been informed by the very communicative team at Zendone, that the update to their Android client is imminently upon us.

If their Android client:

  1. Allows me to filter by context,
  2. Allows me to process my inbox,
  3. Allows me to manage my current to do list via auto next action on projects...
I think we will have a winner!

The massive bonus with Zendone is that it is wed very closely to Evernote which I have been using for years now. It creates actions out of your Evernote Inbox (or whatever folder you nominate as your "default" folder), and you can capture all the various bits of media and attach them to tasks/projects.

This is one of the more longer waits I have had to endure on the technology front. (Don't get me started on the HP 11 Chromebook!)

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