Thursday, March 13, 2014

Google Warranty Part II

So, Google despatched the new unit, and it arrived in 3 days! Now the reason that is pretty impressive is because they despatched it from Singapore and I live in Melbourne, Australia. That's like 3,765 miles. Give or take a foot or two. I'm sitting here on my porch writing this on my new Nexus 10 waiting for the courier to arrive to pick up my old unit. Thank you very much Google warranties!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Google Warranty

My Nexus 10 died! :( What was pretty spectacular though was my experience of chasing up my warranty with Google. I Googled "nexus 10 warranty" and within seconds had a 1800 number (which is a free call in Australia) and after 60 seconds on the phone, I was talking to a real life person. After verifying that the device was dead, I had to purchase a new one, however the money will be held in an escrow arrangement until I get the new one, place the old one in a postage bag provided and it returns to the factory for assessment.

So far so good! I'll post my experience in the next few days.

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