Monday, October 24, 2016

Facebook Messenger eating your Android battery?

I use Facebook mainly for work. Not a huge fan of the social media platform, being an avid Twitter user myself. One of the things I dislike about Facebook on Android (apart from the crass way it dominates many aspects of your device) is the terrible wear on your battery. I find battery longevity is around 20% greater when I have Facebook Messenger installed on my Nexus 5X or Pixel. What to do?

I use Slim Social as the primary way in which I interact with Facebook on my Android devices (more on that next week) however for messaging, I discovered Disa. It is a reasonably simple app that surprise surprise, does messaging! You can use it for texting, WhatsApp and Facebook however I simply use it for Facebook at this stage.

It has a slightly clunky feel to it, however in terms of functionality, it does everything that Facebook Messenger does sans the drain on your battery. You do get the option to have it poll regularly but this comes with a battery drain warning which I appreciate.

It does the trick, doesn't impact upon my battery as much as regular Messenger and sits quietly in the background. Simple. Done.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tiny Scanner, a simple gem.

Simplicity itself. All I needed was an app that would a) allow me to take a photo of a document or use a preexisting image and b) create a pdf of the image and then c) allow me to append new photo's/images to the document. Icing on the cake would be the ability to alter the order of the pages in the pdf.

App after app all failing in one of the three aforementioned categories and then BOOM, Tiny Scanner.

The app has a small memory footprint, is (as far as I can tell) add/bug free and simplicity itself to use. If you need a way to quickly make your own pdf's out of your own images, with an append and/or page rearrange function, this is your baby.

I may even pay for it!

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