Monday, June 18, 2018

Google News Redux

I've been using the new Google News app. Ok, so maybe it is not so new, it's been out for a few months now. Having two Google devices it is had to avoid the app, however, I must say, I am liking it.

Many people have commented on the spookiness of Google using your browsing habits to populate your news feed, however, I am kinda ok with that. It has been fantastic to have my news feed populated with the geopolitical stuff I love reading about (yep, I'm a news junkie) as well as the generic through to the obscure gaming stuff I am interested in too. Everything from E3 press releases through to specific articles on how to prepare your drop deck for specifi missions in the latest release of Battletech the game.

I love the ability to request more articles about specific subject matter and the ability to dive into more articles about the same issue. Adding stuff is pretty straight forward.

On the "Less articles like this" front, I am still a little confused. I mean how many times do I need to do that for NRL articles that it insists on putting into my feed? Not sure what the go is there. Regardless, it is a smalll blip on what has effectively become my morning news read.

Google News Redux