Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello World!

Finally I am here! I tried this a few months ago but I was stymied, so here I am again giving it a crack.

What am I having a crack at? Well, basically, I want to see if it is possible to do all of my normal jobs (I am Engagement Manager at a Christian NGO called Urban Seed, an organisation that works in the most disadvantaged suburbs of Australia's second most populous state, as well as being a Senior Minister of a Church in Melbourne's north eastern suburbs, you can learn more about that at using only Android.

In addition, I wanted to monetise this site to make a little extra cash on the side so I can indulge one of my passions which is technology.

I tried setting up Blogger (I used it many years ago and moved to different platforms for all sorts of reasons) but struck a few snags.

The snags were:

  1. The set up for Adsense was all messed up. I couldn't get back into Adsense. A fault logged with Google got a response within two weeks so here I am.
  2. In addition, Blogger was all messed up too. I deleted a whole bunch of Blogger blogs that I had not used for some time and the Blogger interface locked me out. Again, a fault logged with Blogger. That took about 2 months to be resolved.
I did all of that using the first Nesux (Samsung Galaxy) and a ASUS Transformer Prime.

Today (and from here on in) all activity on this site will be done only with my new Motorola RAZR HD (Running Android 4.1.2) and my 3 day old ASUS Transformer Infinity 4.1.1. Let's see if I can be productive!

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