Thursday, May 23, 2013

Screwy paragraphs in Google Drive Document Editing

I've been writing up my semester paper for my masters. Thought I would go all out and use Google Document. It has been doing the trick so far (except it deals with footnotes in a quirky kind of fashion). One of the things I struck about 15 minutes ago and took, well 15 minutes to solve is the paragraph formatting tool. Most of your formatting gear is in the Format menu item as you would imagine. I set double space on my font and off I went.

Been working on this sucker for the better part of two weeks, so when I came back to it tonight, I found that later paragraphs were not spacing correctly. When I hit return, effectively creating a new paragraph, the space between paragraphs was different to the formatting earlier in the document. I checked the setting in the Format menu and they were set correctly. What gives?

Then I found that cute little icon on the menu bar (check the picture to the left) that has a setting "Add space before paragraph". Selected the space between the paragraph, selected the option and I was back in business. Tricky little "feature". Hope you find it helpful.

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