Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cases and keyboards and bears, oh my!

I finally got my hands on all of the various accessories that I ordered for my new Nexus 10. Initially I ordered the combined Poetic Bluetooth Keyboard and Case. For some stupid reason, Amazon do not ship certain items to Australia. I cannot ascertain their logic. I need to have them shipped to a friend of mine who then forwards them onto me. Because I am finding the Nexus 10 absolutely fantastic (I now only take my PC laptop into the office once a month and use it on average a couple of hours a week) I needed a case that was going to arrive more quickly than the Bluetooth cover. So in addition I ordered the Poetic hard case as well from an EBay retailer who would not be so prejudiced regarding my geographical location! The hard case arrived first. It is great, just like the one that I used for the ASUS Infinity. A quality product. I used it for a few days and found 

it slipped neatly into my satchel bag. It seems like so long ago I had a larger bag to carry my laptop and all of the additional paraphernalia. When the Bluetooth keyboard folder finally arrived, I tried to use it for a few days but it was just too bulky. In addition, it only had one stance setting (as you can see from the picture) and it was useless on my lap. The hard case was not a whole lot better but at least you could set it on your lap. Also, if you try fold the Bluetooth keyboard back in order to use the tablet by itself, it is an incredibly bulky package indeed. What to do? Fortunately you can detach the Bluetooth keyboard from its folder. So I tried putting the tablet into the hard case and then put that combination and the detached Bluetooth keyboard into my satchel and bingo, I have my solution. When I want to whip out the tablet and work like it is a tablet, I have a good solution that keeps my tablet safe. When I sit down to write or take extensive notes, I pull out the detached Bluetooth keyboard, set the tablet up using the hard case (which has variable positions) and it works a treat. In addition, the tablet in the hard case and the detached Bluetooth keyboard fits easily into my existing satchel as opposed to the Bluetooth keyboard/case combination (my poor old satchel was bursting at the seams!). When I sat down and did the sums, selling my ASUS Infinity on EBay, purchasing the Nexus 10 and the two cases actually left me about $15AU in front! I'm going to go and find me a nice dumpling restaurant, set up my rig and do some work!

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