Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Chromecast Revolution

I bought one of these puppies for a cool $35 (Australian) when Amazon accidentally made them available to ship to Australia for about a three day period late in 2013. It turned up and I was so pleased with the utility of the thing, I ordered another one. The second order was a little complicated as Amazon shut us Australians down, but it was nothing a good friend of mine who resides in Kentucky couldn't sort out for me.

So I have a Chromecast at either end of the house, and the apps that I use most often are DS Video (as I have a 3TB Synology NAS at the centre of our home network) and in what in my opinion is the most robust solution for those without a Synology NAS, Allcast. Trust me, just don't bother with the other third party video casters. They are rubbish.

Allcast is slowly and regularly (at least one update a week if not several) becoming the most robust and well rounded app for finding your media on the local network and in the cloud, and then casting it to your device.

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