Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zendone: You really need to check this out!

Once again, whilst waiting for the development of the beta client for my web based GTD system, I discovered Zendone. I have to say I am sorely tempted!

Zendone's web based interface has quite a beautiful aesthetic. I downloaded the Android client from the Google Play store and it is still quite crude in terms of functionality. You are unable to sort tasks by context, nor does it neatly replicate the web based views that you may have set up. If they can nail these things down quickly (which I believe they are as I consulted their published roadmap) it will be very difficult for me to justify staying with Nirvana.

The reason being is that Zendone integrates incredibly well with both Evernote and Google Calendars. I will keep an eye on the development of the Android app and keep you posted. Exciting times for Android GTD'ers...

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