Monday, August 19, 2013

Goodbye Spotify, hello Google Music!

Google Music have finally made "Access All Area's" available in Australia. "Access All Area's" is the monthly subscription facility. I have been using Spotify for the last year or so as I wanted to be legit in terms of my music. Spotify was less than perfect, simply on the basis that I could not add to it all of the cool live tracks and the many variations of songs that I have downloaded over the years, not to mention my large CD collection. Google music does what Spotify does, with the addition of adding unique tracks and your CD collection.

One thing that I have found is that Google Music's search facility is not as good as Spotify's! (Go figure! They are a search company after all!) On a few occasions, I tried looking for tracks on Google music and thought that for whatever reason Google Music did not have access to the track. I then tried adding further information and it found the track. I have found that you need to spell the track and any additional information (band name, album name etc) perfectly otherwise you will get a "track not found" error.

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